A Bundle of Letters

A Bundle of Letters

In this episode, we speak with Ginna Green, Lynn Harris, and Chana Pollack about the newest iteration of A Bintel Brief. Originally an advice column in The Jewish Daily Forward, A Bintel Brief has been reimagined for the 21st century as a podcast, pairing humor and heart. Ginna and Lynn discuss what it is like to host the show, reflecting on emotional intelligence, the Jewishness of this work, and the humanness of having questions and seeking answers. Chana relates the Yiddish column’s past to the present.

Learn more about A Bintel Brief Podcast at www.forward.com/a-bintel-brief-podcast

Check out the books inspired by A Bintel Brief, including A Bintel Brief: Sixty Years of Letters from the Lower East Side to the Jewish Daily Forward edited by Isaac Metzker and the graphic novel A Bintel Brief: Love and Longing in Old New York by Liana Finck.

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Episode Credits:

Special thanks to Adam Strom, Shira Deener, and Staci Rosenthal for sharing their reflections on A Bintel Brief.

Adam is the director of Re-Imagining Migration, an education nonprofit focused on the study of identity and democracy through stories of migration.

Shira is the Head of School for JCDS Boston.

Staci is a program associate in Jewish Education at the education nonprofit, Facing History and Ourselves.

Thanks to Lauren Passell for making this conversation possible.

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